Transport Ministry : Syrian Laodicea ship arrives Tartous port

Damascus, SANA-The Ministry of Transport announced that the Syrian ship, Laodicea, arrived Thursday at Tartous port to begin unloading its cargo as scheduled, after been detained by Tripoli Port Authority for several days based on allegations made by the Ukrainian ambassador in Beirut.

The ministry said in a statement today, “Over the past days, the ministry and the Syrian Maritime and Transport Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport, followed up on the issue of Laodicea ship that was implementing its scheduled trip”.

“The ship voyage comprised delivering food supplies (flour) to one of the Lebanese trading companies, then unloading its remaining cargo in Tartous port as usual”, the ministry clarified.

“The decision of the competent Lebanese judge, after examining the documents related to the ship and all the necessary procedures taken in this regard without having reached any of the Ukrainian ambassador’s allegations, confirms the invalidity of everything fabricated and based on politicization and allegiance to the U.S. administration and its allies in their war waged against Syria” ,the ministry went on to say.

“We highly appreciate all efforts that contributed to revealing the truth and were culminated in the ship return, and confirm the ship’s continuous operation, along with all other vessels, in securing the Syrian people needs and sailing as scheduled”,the ministry concluded.

Bushra Dabin / Baraa Ali

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