100 industrial companies participate in monthly “Made in Syria” shopping festival in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- 100 national industrial companies of various sectors on Wednesday took part in activities of the 103rd round of monthly “Made in Syria” shopping festival which was kicked off at Tishreen Sport City in Damascus.
The Festival, which was organized by Damascus and its countryside Chamber of Industry, will last till 24th of current month.

The participating companies display more than 7,000 kinds of detergents, food supplies, transformational materials, such as tissues, stationery and school clothes.

Assistant Industry Minister Bashar Zaghlouleh told journalist in statements that the festival is a positive contribution in breaking the ring of mediation between the producer and the consumer and an opportunity to achieve competitiveness among the producing companies.

He asserted the role of the private industrial sector as a strategic partner in the industrial development, production and securing the basic products for the citizens with lowest prices.

Hala Zain

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