Woman launches a small project to decorate wedding and birthday parties in Homs

Homs, SANA – After retirement, Amal Dalati, who was a teacher, has searched for a new mean to spend her free time, for this reason she established a small commercial project to support her livelihood along with her family.

Dalati’s idea started from the appreciation she gained from her hand-made works through decorating the wedding and birthday parties for some relatives, so she intended to develop her work to be a small project interested in wedding and birthday parties in addition to happy occasions.

Her business depends on decorating and working with Eva paper, tulle and some accessories, launching the name of “Eva Rose “on her project in addition to attracting new clients via social media websites where she showed her works that were accepted and approved. .

She said that after retirement, she has had free time so she is advising every retired woman to exploit her free time with many things and business that will benefit her financially, morally and psychologically at the same time.

Hybah / Mazen

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