Hiteen beats al-Wathba 1-0 in the Syrian Premier League

Damascus, SANA-Hiteen football team beat its neighbor, Tishreen 1-0 in a match that was held on Friday in Lattakia within the competition of the Syrian Premier League.

In Tartous, al-Wathba beat al-Sahel 2-1, while al-Fotwa beat al-nawa’er 2-1.

Meanwhile, al-Shorta beat al-Jazeera 2-0, al-Jaish tied with al-Talya 1-1.

Al-Wahda and Jabla 1-1, al-Karama and al-Etihad 1-1.

In light of the latest games, Tishreen remained in the top of the league with 50 points, al-Wathba comes in the second with 49 points, Hiteen 46, al-Jaish 42, al-Etihad 39 and al-Wahda with 37 points.

Mazen Eyon

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