Paved street in Shahba in Sweida is a distinguished landmark in the city

Sweida, SANA- From the eastern archaeological gate to the archaeological site of Al Kulaiba, the paved street in Shahba city extends as a model of the ancient archaeological stone roads and the prominent remaining ones in Sweida province which have linked to the reality of the residents and their lives over hundreds of years, and to be a witness to different civilizations which passed through the area.

The paved street ranging more than 200 m in length and a 10 m in width, as well as many markets and old houses are on its sides.

The current street is relic of one of the ancient paved city of Shahba, which linked it to its surrounding east, according to Head of the Director of Sweida Antiquities Department Dr. Nashaat Kiwan.

The street is paved with elaborately carved square stones and it imitates distinctive sculptural style in the ancient city used in its architecture.

Shaza/Nisreen Othman

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