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June, 2022

  • 30 June

    International Flowers Fair hosts products of beekeepers

    Damascus, SANA- The 42nd International Flower Fair, which is organized by Tourism Ministry in cooperation with the Governorate of Damascus at Tishreen Park, hosts special pavilions for beekeeper products and …

  • 23 June

    Information and communication technology (Hi-Tech) Expo kicks off at Damascus Fairgrounds

    Damascus, SANA-Activities of the 8th round of the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (HITech), organized by the Arab Group for Exhibitions and Conferences, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications …

February, 2022

  • 19 February

    Maktab Anbar… a house that blends between Orient and Western architecture

    Damascus, SANA- The Damascene house is a fascinating world with unique characteristics that push the visitor to wander its corridors and sections. One of the most famous ancient houses in …

  • 6 February

    Nearly 140,000 persons completely received Corona vaccine in Damascus

    Damascus, SANA- Head of Damascus Health department, Muhammad Samer Shahrour, said that the number of persons who completely received vaccine of Coronavirus in Damascus amounted to 140,747, while the number …

January, 2022

  • 29 January

    Settlement process starts in Kiswa, Damascus southern countryside

    Damascus, SANA- The settlement process was launched on Saturday in Kiswa town and its vicinity in Damascus southern countryside to include the wanted civilians, deserters and those who didn’t join …

December, 2021

  • 5 December

    Do you know that the largest restaurant in the world is in Damascus?

    Damascus, SANA- Do you know that the largest restaurant in the world is in the city of Damascus in Syria and it broke the Guinness World Record as the largest …

November, 2021

  • 7 November

    QSD militia steals equipment from a train station, Deir Ezzor countryside

    Damascus, SANA- US occupation-backed QSD militia has plundered the Railway Station fencing  and equipment of al-Tabia train station in Deir Ezzor and transported them to an unknown destination in the …

  • 4 November

    Oriels… Masterpieces on walls of traditional Damascene houses

    Damascus, SANA – It is very important for anyone to know more about ancient elements in old Damascus, including the oriels ( Mashrabiya ) which  are windows at Damascene houses …

  • 2 November

    Traditional hotels in Old Damascus… houses that open their doors to history

    Damascus, SANA –Ancient Damascene houses are distinguished by creativity and architectural art dating back to the 17 century, keeping their architectural landmarks and heritage with various decorations linked that the …

  • 2 November

    Do you know that historic Marjah Square in Damascus Old City is known as Martyrs Square?

    Damascus, SANA- Marjah Square, also known as Martyrs’ Square, is a square located outside the walls of the Old City at the heart of Damascus Capital City. Marjah Square has …